The Off the Chainring Tour is coming to your town!

Join our traveling bikestravaganza for an evening of bike talk, bike zines, and short movies about transportation activism! We’ll share ideas and inspiration about bike stuff in Portland, in your town, and in other places. Our focus is on bikes but also the big picture: buses, trains, walking, freeways, cars, housing, affordability, what works and what doesn’t.

Joe Biel presents a series of 3 minute videos highlighting the work of PDOT and talks about ways we can impact transportation infastructure in any town. He’ll also play new selections from his upcoming documentary, Aftermass, about Portland bike activism in the last five years (you can help the feature become a reality by supporting it on Kickstarter).

Elly Blue has a slideshow and talk about how Portland got to be one of the best places to bike in the US and also how much farther we have to go. Highlighted are the people, groups, organizations, businesses, and events that created the city’s famed bike culture, and discussion of how all these things and more could happen in Anywhere, Wyoming.

Dave Roche (joining us for the tour leg between Minot and SF only) warms all our hearts and minds through lighthearted stories followed by laughter. He reads stories from his various published works including his hit classic book On Subbing, newer zine About My Disappearance, and upcoming (!) unpublished (!!) works.

Oh yeah, and check out our list of tour dates. Want to talk about what’s going with bikes (or what isn’t)? Want to do something more wonky than Burning Man and more fun than the Rotary Club? Get in touch! We want to make some bike magic happen with you!

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3 Responses to Bikestravaganza!

  1. We can’t wait to see you in Spokane, this will be a blast!

  2. Nickey says:

    So, just out of curiosity… are you traveling by bike, car, or train?

  3. Elly Blue says:

    Nickey, we wanted to go by bike and train, but the stars aren’t aligned this time, so it’ll have to be by car. We’ll bring our bikes along for getting to know cities, and dream about the next tour being carless.

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