Living in the future

The big news is that science fiction has come true and Amtrak has wifi. Not on all the trains or all the cars but here I am posting this as we hurtle up the California coast.

As for the tour, things are rolling right along. Individual events are starting to shape up, with each one reflecting the particular interests and character of each town. We’re looking forward to proving on this tour that there’s no such thing as a bicycle monoculture. In Bellingham, our event will be powered by a bicycle generator at a restaurant that specializes in raw, organic food. In Olympia we’ll be at the public library and in Cheyenne the parks & rec department Greenway Committee is hosting us. Meanwhile, in Missoula we’re hoping to confirm a bike shop to host our regular program and the next day we’ll join forces with a punk show. We’re hoping our broad appeal will help bring people together who have a common cause but might not otherwise meet in the course of everyday life.

I’m updating our events listing daily; some of these dates are coming together rapidly and others are staggering along, waiting for someone to step up and help us organize. If you can help us make things happen—anything from telling your friends to helping us find a venue and sponsorship—in any of these cities, please do get in touch.

We now have a beautiful poster designed by Microcosm in-house drawist Matt Gauck. You can download a smaller version to print out, or send your address and we’ll mail you a bundle of large ones. The poster is the same for every stop, with a white space at the bottom to add local details. Downloads, links, information, and everything else you’ll need to help publicize each Off the Chainring stop are on our press page. Thanks for helping spread the word!

And on a final note, we have a google map of our tour! See how it looks below the jump…

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