Back on solid ground


It’s good to be home! We wrapped up tour last night with a great crowd of friendly Portlanders. Joe played his 20 minute tour movie (it’ll be up online at some point) and some shorts, Evan and Melissa of Boneshaker Almanac did a crowd pleasing essay reading, and I showed pictures and sweated at people’s tough questions about what Portland can learn from other cities (join groups! don’t hate! support your local bike project!). The folks at Madison’s were super sweet, and a steady stream of familiar, smiling faces were the icing on the cake. Thanks, Portland!

We’ll be here for a week. And then it’s back out into the world, on the train this time, to the east coast to visit friends, sell books, and, of course, talk about bikes.

That’s right, we’re eking a little more tour out of this summer. This is our decompression trip. All the whirlwind driving and biking and talking and people and hospitality and adventure requires a gentle letdown. You all were good to us out on the road! Thank you so much. You know who you are.

When we aren’t holding down the Microcosm table at the Baltimore Book Fair, we’ll probably be riding bikes around that charming, difficult city. Or just cooking and relaxing and enjoying the company of old friends. We’ll also probably do an event or two, along the lines of tour—more details coming soon as that comes together.

Then we’ll head to Pittsburgh to visit another good friend and also to do an event at the library. Here are the details:

Bikestravaganza! Off the Chainring in Pittsburgh
Wednesday, September 29th, 6-7:30pm
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, 4400 Forbes Ave
Hosted by Carnegie Library and BikePittsburgh
Followed by a bike ride to a fun destination!
Feel free to RSVP via Facebook

After that, we get right back on Amtrak for another four days of writing, editing, scheming, and looking contemplatively out the window. And then we’ll really be home.

Oh yeah, and you can watch some of the movies Joe showed on tour here, here, and here, and check out a bunch of my tour photos here.

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