Beyond Bikestravaganza

So that’s it! Our tour ended last night in Pittsburgh on a high note. A packed event with good humored bike fans at the library ended with a ride on paths and city streets across town to a bicycle themed bar.

Want to revisit our presentation? Or did you miss the event and want a taste of what went down? Joe made this 20 minute movie of the tour, including some talking points, audience questions and declamations, and scenic shots of South Dakota.

Want to check out the other movies we showed? You can watch Martinis in the Bike online here, or buy the DVD (including more of Joe’s short films on non-bicycle subjects) here.

The trailer for Aftermass, Joe’s documentary-in-progress about Critical Mass is here. Watch for the movie release in the next year!

Were you smitten with the nerdy bike activists in Portland who take to the streets with cell phones and measuring sticks to educate themselves about lane widths and call in problems? Here’s that movie. (On a side note, we were charmed to learn that the week after we met Reno a new advocacy group was formed by people who were inspired by that part of our presentation there. Sweet!)

If you were struck by the scrappy People’s Department of Transportation and their battle against walls everywhere, you can see that first movie about the wall here, and a more in-depth follow-up with a neighborhood leader here. Stay tuned for more exciting developments on that front!

As for the photo presentation, that’s an offline only affair, but here’s a set of photos covering all things bicycle in Portland. Many of these were included in the presentations. You can also check out the photos I took in many of our stops on tour here. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like more information, are trying to track down a particular picture, or want to use photos for anything.

On the reading front, you can order Joe’s Bipedal, By Pedal zines about Critical Mass here, and Elly’s Taking the Lane zine on feminist topics in bicycling here. Thanks for supporting independent publishing along with bike fun!

We had a blast meeting you all and finding out all the different possibilities that bicycle friendliness can take across the country. Keep up the inspiring work, and stay in touch!

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