When and Where

We have three upcoming events in Baltimore and Pittsburgh on September 22 and 29! See here for details.

Here’s our constantly updated list of Bikestravaganza 2010 tour dates and venues. If you want to work with us to make the show happen in your town or have an idea for a killer venue, get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

Off the Chainring!
All events start at 7pm and are a $3-10 sliding scale at the door unless otherwise noted.

  • August 13 (lucky Friday): Olympia, Washington at the Olympia Timberland Library, 313 8th Ave SE. Dale Carlson from Bike Tech of Olympia will join us to discuss local cycling culture. This show is free, thanks to the generosity of Bike Tech of Olympia and Friends of the Library. (And we’re on Facebook!)
  • August 14 (Saturday): Seattle, Washington, at Ada’s Technical Books (713 Broadway East). This event is generously sponsored by rad urban farming collective Alleycat Acres and will be FREE to attend. (Feel free to check out our event page on Facebook).
  • August 15 (Sunday): Bellingham, Washington at Bloom (1320 Cornwall Ave), an organic, vegan restaurant where our presentation will be powered by bicycle generators from the make.shift project. (This one’s on Facebook)
  • August 16 (Monday): Spokane, Washington, at the Community Building (35 W. Main), featuring a dynamic panel of local movers and shakers in Spokane’s rapidly emerging bike scene. Generously sponsored by the bicycle advocates at the SpokeFest Association. (See the event page on Facebook.)
  • August 17 (Tuesday): Missoula, Montana, at the Free Cycles Community Shop (732 S. 1st St W.). This event will be a benefit for Free Cycles, and we’ll be joined by director Bob Giordano who will speak about local bicycling initiatives. This event is $5. (Feel free to RSVP via Facebook.)
  • August 18 (Wednesday): Missoula again. Tonight we’ll depart from our regular program and show Joe’s new documentary If It Ain’t Cheap, It Ain’t Punk, about the Plan-it X record label and DIY punk music festival. Plan-it X founder Chris Clavin and others will play. At ZACC (235 North 1st Street West) $5, movie starts at 7:00pm sharp. All ages!
  • August 19 (Thursday): day off
  • August 20-22 (Friday-Sunday): Minot, North Dakota, for the Why Not! Fest. We’ll have the Microcosm traveling bicycle bookstore set up all weekend, and we’ll be joining bicycle activists from around the region on the 20th and 21st from 1-3pm at the Carnegie Center (105 2nd Avenue Southeast) to make bikestravaganza magic happen. (It’s on the Facebook.) A pass to the Fest (including this event) is $15.
  • August 23 (Monday): day off
  • August 24 (Tuesday): Spearfish, South Dakota, at the Spearfish Bicycle Cooperative (727 North Ames). Meet at the Coop at 5:45 for a cruiser ride followed by rootbeer floats. Event starts at 7pm sharp! (Also see Facebook!)
  • August 25 (Wednesday): Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the Cottonwood Room at the Laramie County Library (2200 Pioneer Ave). Thanks to our generous sponsors—Bicycle Station, Rock on Wheels, and Cheyenne Parks & Rec—this event will be FREE to attend. (Spread the word on Facebook!)
  • August 26 (Thursday): Denver, Colorado, hosted by the Denver Zine Library in its brand new location at the 27 Social Centre (2727 W 27th Ave). (Check out the Facebook listing.)
  • August 27 (Friday): Fort Collins, Colorado at Matter Bookstore (144 North College Ave), a volunteer-run, bicycle-minded bookstore inside the Bean Cycle coffeeshop. (Also check out this event on Facebook.)
  • August 28 (Saturday): Boulder, Colorado, at the Community Cycles bike shop (2805 Wilderness Place, Ste 1000). (See the event page on Facebook.) Featuring a vegetarian potluck—bring something to share.
  • August 29 (Sunday): Grand Junction, Colorado, at the UUCGV (1022 Grand Ave). This event starts at 6:30pm. (On Facebook here.)
  • August 30 (Monday): Salt Lake City at Point Six Percent Productions space (1130 South Richards Street). (Facebook event!)
  • August 31 (Tuesday): Provo, Utah, at the Provo City Library (550 North University Ave), followed by a bicycle ride. Hosted by the great folks at BikeProvo.org. This event is 6:30-8:30. (Facebook event here.)
  • Sept 1 (Wednesday): Reno, Nevada, at The Hub Coffee Company (32 Cheney Street). Thanks to generous sponsorship from the Reno Sparks Kiwanis Bike Program, this event will be FREE to attend. (If you’d like, RSVP on Facebook.)
  • Sept 2 (Thursday): Berkeley, California at the 924 Gilman Street Project! (See the Facebook event page.) $2 membership + $3-10 sliding scale at the door.
  • Sept 3 (Friday): day off
  • Sept 4-5: San Francisco Zine Fest. Free and open to the public; at this stop we’ll depart from our regular program and focus on zines. About bikes!
  • Sept 6 (Monday): Davis, California, at the Davis Bike Collective (1221 1/2 4th Street). This event starts at 6:30. FREE to attend, thanks to generous sponsorship from Davis Bicycles! (Check in on Facebook.)
  • Sept 7 (Tuesday): day off
  • Sept 8 (Wednesday): Ashland, Oregon, at the United Bicycle Institute (401 Williamson Way). Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors—UBI and the Rogue Valley Transportation District—this event will be FREE. (Find us on Facebook…)
  • Sept 9 (Thursday): Eugene, Oregon at the University of Oregon (240A McKenzie Hall). This event is FREE, thanks to student transportation and livability group LiveMove. This is also going to be the general meeting for the Greater Eugene Area Riders (GEARS). (And of course we’re on Facebook!)
  • Sept 10 (Friday): Portland, Oregon, at Madison’s Grill (1109 SE Madison). Our hometown show will feature the highlights of what we’ve learned on tour about the state of bicycling in other U.S. towns. Emceed by Jonathan Maus of BikePortland.org. Joe and Elly will share what we think Portland could learn about transportation activism from the places we’ve just visited. Also featuring a reading by Boneshaker Magazine editor Evan Schneider and assistant editor Melissa Reeser. Small press represent! (Event page on Facebook is here.)
  • Sept 11: sleep

6 Responses to When and Where

  1. So great – just wish your trip brought you to South Florida!

  2. squirlyg says:

    east coast, wha?

  3. This is a great effort! Thanks for taking it on the road. Now, how do we get you to Louisiana?

  4. ipser says:

    any chance of swinging by Santa Fe, NM while in the South West?

  5. Pingback: bikestravaganza! « 1 girl + 2 wheels

  6. T says:

    I totally agree – we really need you on the East Coast since I think we have tons fewer good cycling cities on this side of the country! I’d like to put a plug in for Atlanta specifically :)

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