Who We Are

What’s the Bikestravaganza?
An interactive, multimedia traveling roadshow bike summit coming to your town in 2010 with bikes, movies, zines, books, debate, and problem solving. Our goal is to bring together the diversity of big cities’ bike scenes, whittle away at the loneliness of the small town bike activist, and to have a blast meeting, inspiring, and learning from people in the bike movement outside of Portland.

Check out our dates and stops here, and get in touch with media inquiries, questions, or to help us organize and promote any of these shows.

What’s happening?

We’re coming to your town to talk about what we love and hate about bicycling in Portland and hear all about what’s going on with bikes in your town.

Joe will show short film clips (warning, your image of Portland as a green, bicycling paradise may not survive intact) and Elly will tell the story (with pictures!) of the ups and downs of Portland’s bike movement. You’ll be elbow deep in beautiful wonkery before you know what’s hit you. Next up is you, talking about what’s going on with bikes in your town. Then we all ask each other questions and scheme into the night.

If we’re lucky, Dave Roche will join us to read from On Subbing as well as his new, yet-to-be-published work. (We should be so lucky! Dave is off to grad school and won’t be gracing us with his presence this time around.)

Who are you? What are you doing on tour?

Joe is a veteran tourer and Elly’s been known to travel and start conversations about bicycling. This summer we’re joining forces to combine zines, movies, and talking around our favorite theme. Here are some quick bios:

Joe Biel
Since founding Microcosm Publishing in 1996, Joe has been on tour about half the time, publishing books the other half, and making movies and causing trouble for the other 70%. His vehicle fleet includes a zine trike, a grease bus, a giant trailer, and several bicycles with extremely long stems. He most recently completed a documentary about the DIY music scene, If It Ain’t Cheap, It Ain’t Punk. He’s now a year and a half into working on Aftermass, chronicling Portland bicycle activism in the last five years after the demise of Critical Mass (he’ll be showing excerpts on tour!). Joe will have a table full of books and zines at all our stops for your browsing and buying pleasure.

Elly Blue
In 2005 Elly quit her job and threw herself a retirement party. Since then her adventures have included organizing the first north american Towards Carfree Cities conference, a stint as managing editor of canonical bike blog BikePortland, and lots and lots of Portland-style bike fun and activism. All these experiences have led her to need a vacation, and to start a zine to talk about what it’s like being a woman in the bike world.


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